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Montgomery County Emergency Service District #3, (MCESD#3), is near Montgomery, Texas. MCESD#3 responds to fire, rescue, and medical emergencies. MCESD #3 also has mutual aid agreements with the neighboring departments in Montgomery County, Texas.  MCESD#3 serves approximately 50 square miles with four stations staffed 24 hours a day: Station 31, 32/52 (shared station with ESD#2), 33 & 34.

MCESD#3 consists of 5 Commissioners, Fire Chief, 2 Assistant Chiefs, Officer Administrator, Captain,  58 full-time firefighters. MCESD#3 has 3 Engines, 2 Boosters, 1 Pumper Tanker, 2 Tankers, 1 Ladder Truck, 1 Utility Truck, 1 High Water Vehicle, 2 Swift Water Rescue boats, and 1 Command/Light Rescue Truck. All full-time Firefighters are state-certified EMTs and members of the Montgomery County Professional Firefighters Association Local 4183.

History:  The Lake Conroe Fire Department (LCFD) was started in 1965 and was called Lake Conroe Forest Volunteer Fire Department. Station 31 was located at 505 Columbia River Rd in Lake Conroe Forest. In 1976 the Fire Departments' name was changed to Lake Conroe Volunteer Fire Department and was governed by RFPD#3 (Rural Fire Prevention District). In 1995 RFPD#3 changed to MCESD#3 (Emergency Services District), and the building of the new station 31 was started. In 1996 LCFD moved to the new station 31 at 15663 Hwy 105 West.  In 2015, the City of Conroe annexed the lake area and Station 31.  LCFD became known as MCESD3 after the annexation.


Station 31 in the 70's
Station 31 in the 70's
Station 31 in the mid 80's                                                                                 Former Station 31 - Current Conroe Fire Department, Station 6
Station 31 today (now Conroe Fire Department, Station 6)


Current Station 31 (formerly named Station 32)

Original Station


Current Station 31 (formerly named Station 32)



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